Report Street Light Outages

If you see a street light outage, please report it! Lights go out, it happens, it takes our collective effort reporting the occasional outage to RGE to keep the neighborhood bright and safe for everyone.

You can also report additional problems with the streetlights at the link below, such as being on during the day, and off at night. 

Please note, the Brighton streetlights are older and some of the parts are no longer manufactured.  Generally it takes about 7-10 business days to fix a light once an order is placed. However, in cases where they have to try to acquire a part that is no longer made, it can be even longer than that. 

The street lights in the Town of Brighton are owned and maintained by the Rochester Gas & Electric Company (RG&E).  To report a street light outage in your neighborhood:

Report a Light Outage Online

Please follow this link and fill out the easy online form:


Report a Light Outage Over the Phone


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