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NextDoor is a great place to share important information about your neighborhood.   You can use NextDoor to share:

  • Contact information for local police and fire departments.
  • The list of neighborhood board members or other local leaders.
  • Share local business recommendations.
  • Post information about lost pets or requests for babysitters.

To join, visit:

Nextdoor automatically opts you in to see nearby neighborhood posts, and posts about your interests. To see only Home Acres information:

To turn off other neighborhoods updates, please follow these instructions:

  1. Go to “Settings”
  2. Go to “Nearby Neighborhoods”
  3. Click the link “Personalize your list of nearby neighborhoods”
  4. A map with all of the neighborhoods you are receiving notifications for will appear, turn off all neighborhoods besides Home Acres**, or only those you do not want to see.


NextDoor Steps 1 - 3


Steps 1 – 3



**We have not found a bulk way to do this, if someone does please let us know!

Here is more information on neighborhood updates:

Email Lindsay Connelly if you need help: [email protected]

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